Stop spending tens of thousands of dollars a year to send revenue out of your practice and to the pharmacy!

Available now! Electronic Billing for Private, Medicare, & Group Health Pharmacy Claims specifically tailored for gastroenterology practitioners.

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Doctor Dispense can help you generate net new revenue on services already being performed by you and your staff! Stop sending scripts out to the pharmacy only to have to dedicate staff for call backs. Our easy to use web based pharmacy platform allows your office(s) to electronically bill for specialty pharmacy products used by your patients. The entire process is really fast and you receive full reimbursement from the Pharmacy Benefit Manager in approx 3 weeks with no claims review! No more billing pharmaceutical claims against medical insurance or rescheduling procedures to due patient non-compliance.

Doctor Dispense offers a complete turnkey Point of Care medication dispensing solution designed specifically for health-care practices. You know, in real-time, the patient responsibility / copay for your private insurance and Medicare patients and are informed of any potential drug-drug interactions.

The entire Rx claim process takes about 30 seconds on average and works much like a credit card transaction. No filling out forms manually or waiting weeks to schedule a follow-up treatment with your patients. All paid claims are processed in real-time and are submitted for payment electronically. No additional manual billing or claims processing required. On average, your facility will directly receive payments from the patients Rx plan in approx. 3 from the date of service.

We provide all necessary products, services, and access to turn existing overhead related to pharmacy requests into a profit center. Our dispense platform supports real-time electronic billing (adjudication) for private insurance, and Medicare claims as well as Workers' Comp and Cash transactions.

  Specialty Items Supported: (partial list)
  • Moviprep
  • Prepopik
  • Suprep
  • Plus many more brands and generics
Our program has proven to:
  • Reimburse full payment in less than 3 weeks
  • Increase patient compliance
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Improve cash flow & increase revenue
  • Reduce procedure reschedules due to non-compliance
  • Eliminate 80% of pharmacy call backs
  • Reduce staffing requirements for pharmacy call backs
Doctor, did you know?
  • More than 75% of your patients would prefer receiving their medications during their office visit
  • 30% of all prescriptions are never filled
  • According to the Institution for Safe Medicine Practices, pharmacy "call backs" cost your practice an average of $6 per call
  • Annual practice cost of $30,000 for handling pharmacy related calls
  • 3.3 Million adverse drug events occur each year from inaccurate information relayed to the pharmacy

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The DrDispense Dispense Solution (DDS) is a break-through in in-house Point of Care dispense technology.

Leverage a combination of products and services tailored to meet the needs of your facility.

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